Mission Statement

I take great pride in the fact that I spend hour upon hour each-and-every day studying not only current market conditions and investment concepts but also in search of products and ideas that may work to make my client’s financial futures easier, more secure, and far less uncertain. Today’s financial climate is as challenging as any in the past; interest rates are at or near an all-time low, while equity markets are seemingly constantly testing all-time highs. The uncertainty, or outright unavailability, of fixed income resources combined with market valuations that in the past have proven to be in the clouds, proves to make me lose more than a little sleep. For those reasons, I prefer to design accumulation and income strategies that are specifically intended to provide a floor, a safety net if you will. By doing so, my client can feel secure in their future regardless of current economic conditions. 

While others may say so, the fact is that it is NOT different this time. All conditions WILL revert to the mean and when they do, I intend to be well in front of that move. One of my favorite sayings of the day is, “If you’re not confused, you don’t understand what’s going on!” Welch, Jack (2005) Winning ~ Alan Webb, June, 2019